M&R Episode 116: Tom helps career Military officers and personnel find fulfilling careers after the military.


In Episode 116 I sat down with Tom Kent. He’s the founder of TomKentCoaching.com. After getting out of the military he found that even with a degree in math from West Point, a career as an Army Intelligence Officer, the companies he always dreamed of working for didn’t have a place for him or so they said. He quickly adjusted and got his dream job but he had to get creative. After eighteen years and multiple jobs he decided to start his own business using all the tools and recourse that helped him over the years and now he helps the men and women who are just getting out and wanting a desirable, fulfilling career in something new. If you’re just about to get out of the military or have been looking for a job/career but can’t find one this is a great episode. Enjoy!

Show notes: TomKentCoaching.com, MyCivilianCareer.com, Get a MIsfits and Rejects t-shirt or tank by clicking here…misfitsandrejects.com/shop