M&R Episode 096: Revisiting Rusty's story of being wrongfully imprisoned for 10 years and how he found true freedom.


In Episode 96 we listen to Episode 22 and I give a longer intro on how Rusty's story has inspired and impacted me. Rusty Labuschagne spent 10 years in prison in Zimbabwe for a crime he didn't commit. While in prison he discovered a self inflicted type of mental prison that was making his sentence even more painful and difficult. He discover a way to forgive his accusers and let go of the past. Enjoy!  

“Even when we are not in prison, there are ways in which we imprison ourselves – in sour business partnerships, badly selected careers, being obsessed with ambition, even unhappy marriages. It’s only when you have your freedom completely taken away that you realise that you were actually in prison too.” Rusty Labuschagne

“Freedom is not just not being in prison. Freedom is the ability to make a choice and act on it. Freedom is letting go of what you can’t control. Freedom is forgiveness. Freedom is being free from negativity. Freedom brings health. If you can be free in all areas of your life, then you will reach your full potential.” Rusty Labuschagne

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