M&R Episode 081: How to create a sustainable permaculture farm and life as an expat with Chris Shanks.


In Episode 81 I sat down with Chris Shanks at one of his Airbnb's in Buccaneer Point Nicaragua. Chris gives us a play by play on how he's built a sustainable life here in Nicaragua through slow growth, responsible investing and a diversification of skill sets he now leverages to generate multiple income streams. He got his start with the N.G.O Project Bona Fide where he applied his knowledge of ecology and permaculture design to help increase local food security. From there he developed an agro tourism business, a land consulting business,  and an Airbnb business just to name a few. He's a huge inspiration to me because he's made a great life for himself in Nicaragua as well as a great living. Enjoy!

Show notes: Chris ShanksSelvista Guest Houses, Project Bona Fide, Fuego y Agua, Permaculture, Support Misfits and Rejects on Patreon