M&R Episode 078: Ziad Khoury went from civil war in Lebanon to inspirational youth soccer coach in America.


In Episode 78 I sat down with Ziad Khoury. He is one of the founders of the soccer club Slammers FC and writer of his new book Complete Athlete. He was also my high school soccer coach. We talked about how he grew up in Lebanon during the civil war and what it was like moving to the States at age fifteen. I get to share with him face to face how he changed my life 20 years ago and he takes me through his philosophy on soccer and life. He's designed an incredible life for himself and is one of my biggest inspirations because he helped me understand what it takes to be a successful athlete and human being. The Complete Athlete is on its way to becoming a New York Times best seller. Enjoy!

Show notes: Complete Athlete, Slammers FC