M&R Episode 073: One of my all time favorite past episodes was with Dale Dagger. The man who shipwrecked in Nicaragua.


In Episode 73 I take you back in time to one of my favorite first episodes. Episode 4 with Dale Dagger. I love this episode because my friend Dale represents the classic archetypical expat. He's a bit of a longer, has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a self starter. He loves his projects and his vices but hasn't self destructed. Dale is a long time surfer and has accomplished a lot over his year in Nicaragua. From discovering and naming many waves, to building a successful real estate business. Now at 67 he gets to spend 6 months a year on his trimaran in Mexico and 6 months in Nicaragua. Please forgive the sound quality of this episode. It was one of my first and I've learned a lot since the beginning. Enjoy!

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