M&R Episode 109: What it felt like to try and sail solo around the world with Nabil Amra.


In Episode 109 I caught up with Nabil Amra. You may remember him from episode forty-nine. He was a contestant in the Golden Globe, a solo sail around the world. A race that has only been held once in fifty years. In this episode Nabil recounts the trials and tribulation of trying to get his boat seaworthy before the race. Then the sea conditions that destroyed his autopilot and drove him back to the Canary Islands. It became a survival sail that took him sixty four hours and left him a shell of man when he finally got there. It’s a very honest account of one competitors challenge in accomplishing a dream. Enjoy!

Show notes: Golden Globe Sailing Race, Episode 49 with Nabil before he set sail, Episode 26 with mutual friend Judd Dunham, Instagram Misfits and Rejects, Patreon Misfits and Rejects, chapin@misfitsandrejects.com