M&R Episode 105: From zero to Herbalife hero with Travis Nelson.


In Episode 105 I reconnected with my old friend Travis Nelson. Eight years ago he was addicted to drugs and alcohol and needed a change. He check himself into rehab and started the long journey toward sobriety and a new life. Within Herbalife he has worked his way up through the various levels. He currently on the Millionaire Team but knocking on the door of the Presidential Team. Did I mention he also runs Ultra Marathons and just finished his first 100 miler. His inspirational message is clear. You can always do more! Whether it’s within your business, your personal life or helping others. You can always do more! Don’t shy away from the uncomfortable or inconvenient. You can always do more! Enjoy!

Show notes: Travis Nelson Instagram, Herbalife, Mark Hughes, INSTAGRAM Misfits and Rejects, PATREON Misfits and Rejects