M&R Episode 107: Jory is a artisan moccasin maker whose past is intertwined with the CIA and MKUltra.


In Episode 107 I sat with with Jory in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s an artisan moccasin maker who sits sewing moccasins outfront of the Khun Kae Juice bar. After being intrigued by what he was sewing and having having many conversation I had to have him on the show to talk about his past and the path he chose in life. Jory talks about him and his mother being on by the CIA’s project MKUltra. His mom passed when he was fifteen in and his father a high ranking pentagon officer a few year later. Enjoy!

Show notes: MKUltra, Operation Paperclip, Iridology, Hippocrates Health Institute, Orwell’s 1984, Ann Wigmore, Victor Kulvinskas, Survival In The 21st Century, Instagram Misfits and Rejects, Patreon Misfits and Rejects