M&R Episode 103: Austin Blevins is twenty three and owns Best Bangkok Tours.


In Episode 103 I sat down with Austin Blevins. He’s a twenty three years old and owns Best Bangkok Tours a scooter tour business. What I love about Austin’s story is that he is a risk taker. He’s had his ups and down but at the end of each day he’s always ready and willing to look in the mirror and take responsibility for himself. His tours business takes tourist around Bangkok on the back of motor bikes giving them a real, authentic Thai experience. As he says “The reason you get a authentic Thai experience with me is that I show my guest both side of Thailand. Thai people are very patriotic and wouldn’t want you to see some of the places and things I show my guests.” Enjoy!

Show Notes: Best Bangkok Tours, INSTAGRAM Misfits and Rejects, PATREON Misfits and Rejects