M&R Episode 064: Spirit Creager was virtually tasered to death by Washington State police and now lives in Nicaragua.


In Episode 64 I sat down with Spirit Creager who always had dreams of getting away. Before he knew it he had a son, house and construction company back in Spokane Washington that was going to needed his attention for the next 20 years. Then the housing crisis hit and times started getting tough. One day he got pulled over for speeding and this routine traffic stop escalates to the point the officer tasers Spirit multiples times. Now Spirit suffers from SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). This was the catalysts for him to make some changes in his life. Spirit now lives in Nicaragua with his wife and they are beginning to build a company that focuses on the creation of all natural products made in Nicaragua. Have a listen to learn more. Enjoy!

Show notes: Spirit Creager, Aqua Spa, Doric.net