M&R Episode 047: Mandy ventured out into the world and through a few serendipitous occurrences landed in Nicaragua to teach yoga.


In Episode 47 I shared a conversation late night with Mandy at one of our local watering holes in Gigante Nicaragua. I couldn't help but notice her light energy as she dances around the bar. She had been around a while teaching yoga but now was leaving and I wanted to capture her impression of Gigante and the people who lived there. I happened to have my recording equipment on me and thought an impromptu conversation with Mandy could be a really interesting. It turned out Mandy's life path is full of serendipitous twists and turns that lead her to where we were at that moment. It's a great story of what happens when you're open to life and the world around you. Enjoy!

Show notes: Mandy Dawn Yoga