M&R Episode 033: Seth Morrill found a new frontier in Nicaragua to surf, start a business and raise his family.

In Episode 33 I spoke with Seth Morrill who found himself bartending in Maui and serving old school locals who talked about..."Back in the day...I bought my property on the beach for $30,000. I use to surf Honolua Bay with only 2 guys out.". It left him wondering if there were any other places still out there he could stake his claim and get in early on the dream life. Well he found it in Nicaragua and is raising his family there. He has a complete perspective on expat life. Recently his baby girl underwent open heart surgery in Panama. He said although the experience was hard to go through the medical care they got in Panama and the regular care they get in Nicaragua is top notch and less than %50 of what it would cost in the States. Seth takes us through his lifestyle design and the positive experience he's had with Central American health care. Enjoy! 

Show notes: Iguana Surf Rentals