M&R Episode 032: Verina Olivari runs a super cool cyber cafe in Nicaragua and opens up about taking responsibility for her life.

In Episode 32 I spoke with Verina Olivari who shared very openly her decision to change her life and design it the way she wanted. She felt in order to do this she had to break free from those who influenced her the most. For her it was friends and family so she decided to limit communication with them and go after her dream of becoming an actress. Verina set out on a two year journey that ranged from pursuing an acting career in Hollywood to finding out acting wasn't really what she wanted. Now she lives in Nicaragua with the man she loves, has a great relationship with her family and runs a super cool cyber cafe in Nicaragua. Her story is one that really inspires me because she had to make some really big sacrifices in order find out who she was and what she wanted. Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones holding us back. Success as Varina says only comes when you're willing to take responsibility for your life and design it the way you want. Verina did just that and says she is excited to keep shaping it in ways that give back to a world that has given her so much. Enjoy!