M&R Episode 028: Tony Roberts speaks about designing a life around his "true nature".

In Episode 28 I sat down and spoke with Tony Roberts a personal inspiration of mine and friend. We spoke about his life long passion for surfing, skating and the desire to capture the ever changing and innovating athletes in each sport through his photography and film. Tony speaks loud and clear when he says he found his "true nature" in the jungles of Indonesia and that anyone out there can do the same.  Tony has designed an incredible life of travel and living in Central America. He continues to push his surfing and personal development to new levels and I'm glad I get to learn from such a legend. Enjoy!

Show notes: playacolorado.com, nicasurftrips.com, @tonyrobertsphoto, @trsurfing, Realsurftrips.comtonyrobertsphoto.com