M&R Episode 054: Darwin and Snuggles live full time in National Forests around the USA.

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In Episode 54 I got to speak with Darwin and Snuggles while they sat in their car outside a coffee shop in Flagstaff Arizona on Facetime. You see they've designed a really cool life and document it on their very popular YouTube channel called Darwin On The Trail. They are a couple that in 2014 sold everything to live their dream life on the road in all the National Forests around the USA. They have been at it now 3 year and have started to make a living online posting about their incredibly simple life on the road as backpackers. I was really inspired by their story and I think you will be too. Enjoy!

Show notes: Darwin On The Trail.com, Darwin On The Trail Youtube, Darwin On The Trail Instagram, Application Trail, Trakstar Microphone, Legend Episode 25, Gigante Bay Nicaragua, National Forest vs. National Parks