M&R Episode 049: Nabil Amra is quitting his job and sailing in the Golden Globe for Team Palestine.


In Episode 49 I caught up with Nabil Amra an Palestinian/American foreign exchange trader in Minneapolis. Nabil is about to cut ties with his present job/life forever. He admits to being burnt out on the 9 to 5 and ready to embrace something different. He has decided to start this new life by joining a sailing race that has only been held one time previously 50 years ago. It's called the Golden Globe and it's a solo sail around the world that he hopes will take him roughly 9 months. The rules require that no modern technology be used during the sail so he'll be navigating via the stars using charts, a compass and sextant. It's incredibly exciting to hear about his motivation for doing it and how he is preparing. Enjoy! 

Show notes: Nabil Amra, Team Palestine, Golden Globe, Judd Dunham Episode 26