M&R Episode 016: How to design a life around helping others and surfing.

In Episode 016 I spoke with Adam Monaghan cofounder of Project Wave of Optimism (Project WOO) in southern Nicaragua. Project Woo is a NGO that helps costal villages anticipate and prepare for the impending influx of tourism due to surf-able waves in the region. After the Peace Corp. Adam designed a life of public service and surfing in a magical little Nicaraguan fishing village called Gigante. He gives great insight into how he made his life choices and some actionable tips for anyone who wants to get started down a similar path of volunteering for Project Woo, the Peace Corp. or starting your own NGO. Enjoy!  

Show notes: Project Wave Of Optimism (Project Woo), Non Governmental Organization (NGO), NGO tax status if you incorporate your NGO in the U.S.A., Peace Corp., Giants Foot Surf, Boiler Plate, Poverty Inc. (recommend movie)