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+ What comes with my consulting package?

When you purchase the consulting package you'll receive a email from me describing the next steps. I usually have a few more detailed questions about your surfing situtation. I'll then ask you to send photos or footage of you surfing so I can begin creating your personalized progression video. The video will have a step by step break down of all the things you are doing great and all the things you need to work on. You will also receive step by step action techniques that you can apply to your surfing during your next session. Plus get 1 month of unlimited questions you can ask me via email regarding the techniques and action steps outlined in progression video.

+ Can we do more then one consultation?

Yes! I recommend starting with one consultation and practicing the techniques until you feel you have incorporated them into your surfing. About 3 to 6 months. Then when you feel it's time you move on to another maneuver or aspect in your surfing we can schedule another consultation. Remember, depending on how much you surf will directly affect how quickly you can assimilate these techniques into you surfing. Please ask any questions about the techniques outlined in our session. If something is unclear or you need it described in a different way. I'm just an email a way for help.

+ Do you do lessons in person?

Yes! We just have to make sure we are in the same part of the world at the same time.