SurfProgression Techniques was created to help you speed up your progression. It is for motivated surfers who want to progress but aren't seeing the results they want. I understand your frustration. I know you could progress faster if someone were to show you where to start. The techniques that all your favorite pros use can be easily described in a way that will help you move forward faster. Even if you surf everyday it's difficult to progress by applying the same techniques that are holding you back in the first place. I am passionate about making your progression as straight forward as possible.  All it takes are a few specific instructions and a lot of repetition. I want to formerly welcome you to SurfProgression Techniques.


 The Story

Chapin Kreuter


Hello! My name is Chapin and I've been surfing for over 30 years. Surfing never came naturally to me and I've had to work hard at progressing. In 2005 I moved to Nicaragua to help start a surf camp. I was very excited and motivated to progress my surfing because I had felt stuck for years. I thought that by moving to Nicaragua and surfing every day I would progress really fast. But after my first year I wasn't progressing at the rate I should have been. I was surfing on average 6 hours a day 5-6 days a week and I would fall on the same top turn every time. I would dig my rail at the same point on most top turn carves or roundhouse cutbacks. I was extremely frustrated and fed up because I thought by just surfing more I would get better. And then I came up with “The Process”.

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“I decided I could improve faster, if I observed and emulated the techniques of the pros I watched in all my surf videos.”


My strategy was to turn off the sound and just focus on one specific aspect of a maneuver until I noticed something consistent. This was actually harder than it sounds because I didn’t know what I was looking for. Then I would slow-mo the specific portion of a turn until I really could see all the body mechanics. I watched Andy Iron’s over and over again in Blue Horizon. Within a few hours I realized that each maneuver had a series of techniques that could be broken down step by step. Then I would go implement what I had just seen, in the waves outside our house. 


It felt awkward at first. The techniques I was emulating felt counter intuitive. It felt unnatural because I had been using the same bad techniques in the same way for so many years. I felt like a kook and for sure looked like one for the first few week. A lot of great waves and sections got wasted because I would only focus on one type of turn at a time. But it worked and it worked quickly. Within the first week I could see and feel the difference in my turns. I could see how dysfunctional my technique had been prior to applying these new ones. I started getting better and better and over time reached a level I would never have thought possible in my surfing. I even started pulling airs.


I'm extremely proud to say I broke down the barriers that were holding me back and unblocked my surfing by applying good technique.  With every new challenge I face in my surfing today I go back to watching surf films with the sound off. 


Now I want to help others speed up their progression. You don't need to sit in front of a TV for hours trying to figure out what to look for. I don't want you to have to stay stuck and frustrated for as many years as I did. I can help beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers break down the barriers that are holding them back by pointing out the exact body mechanics necessary to execute a maneuver. My instructions are simple, clear and get noticeable results quickly. I also have mental techniques and strategies I’ve developed to help you remain calm and focused while you execute each maneuver. I’m looking forward to working with you. “Progression Through Technique!”

Good Surfing Technique
Good Surfing Technique Chapin Kreuter

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