SurfProgression Techniques offers a personal and engaging consulting service, via a video package. Perfect, for the motivated surfer who is looking to progress at an accelerated rate. 


SurfProgression Techniques powerful consulting opportunity offers a video breakdown of your footage with a instructional aspect to help you progress your surfing forward. I will evaluate your photos or footage and create a personalized instructional video made specifically for your progression needs. Much like the videos I've created on the home page for past SurfProgression achievers. This service is great surfers who are frustrated and not progressing as well as surfers who are motivated to progress faster. It's also a wonderful tool for surfers about to go on a surf trip where they can practice specific Surfprogression Techniques on the perfect waves at their destination or surfers who have just come back from a surf trip who have loads of new footage they want me to evaluate. In all you get unlimited email correspondence and 1 video that is designed specifically to help you progress.


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Hi Guys, My name is Dan from the east coast of Australia, I first came across Chapin and SurfProgression Techniques online approximately 18 months ago. At the time I saw some of Chapin’s surf progression video’s on Youtube that were giving tips on areas of surfing I was really struggling and getting frustrated with after 8 years of surfing 3-4 days a week. Chapin has always been responsive to any emails and is always willing to offer advice without having to pay any $$$$ up front. After benefiting from Chapin’s videos and his advice via emails I sent Chapin a heap of photos from a recent Indian ocean boat trip and purchased a coaching video from him. I found this video to be very helpful and believe it to be the key that has progressed my surfing from a beginner/intermediate level to intermediate/advanced level. I’m now stoked to be slashing turns and going vertical! I hope to visit Chapin’s surf retreat in Nicaragua one day soon and go surfing with him as he seems like a champion.

Happy Days!



  • By purchasing this service, you’ll get unlimited email correspondence to  “pick my brain”! 
  • Ask unlimited questions to help find the techniques you may be missing. 
  • The video I create for you will be done with photos or footage you send me via email.
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  • You will receive a questionnaire which gives me an idea about where you are in your surfing and what you want to accomplish.
  • When you send the questioner back, please attach your photos or vids so I can get started creating your video.


  • Each maneuver contains techniques necessary for execution! No matter what your goals are, there is a way to achieve them through working on you technique.
  • Each technique will be highlighted and paired with professional examples that we will contrast with your photos or vids. You will receive 1 video to keep and reference. Most surfers want a new progression video once ever three to six months depending on how fast they can incorperate each technique into their surfing. 
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